Apple’s daylight savings bug strikes yet again, looping Series 4 Watches

    Given that Apple has been making dedicated watches for three years and computers with clocks for decades, there’s no excuse for recurring daylight savings bugs in Apple products. Yet it has happened once again: some early daylight savings switchers in Australia report that new Apple Watch Series 4 models were stuck in a day-long rebooting loop — an issue Apple will need to fix before customers in other regions switch their clocks.

    The latest bug affects users of the new Apple Watch’s Infograph Modular watch face, which apparently reboots endlessly after a daylight savings time switch if the Activity complication is selected. While the loop lasted for a day after Australian clocks changed, it ended automatically after 24 hours had passed. Based on past experience, the same issue will likely hit European users on October 28, and the U.S. on November 4, unless Apple addresses it with a software patch first.

    For reasons unknown, daylight savings bugs have proved resilient on past Apple devices. iOS 4.1 and earlier device clocks and alarms were disrupted by DST bugs in 2010, followed by a calendar-specific bug in iOS 7 during 2013 and 2014, and Siri issues on watchOS just last year.

    In most cases, the bugs have just caused limited app failures or crashes, but this year’s reboot loops are more significant: The initial Reddit report notes that the user “woke up this morning to a dead watch at 0% when it was at 70% last night before bed,” because the reboots drained the device’s battery.

    Should your watch wind up in a similar situation, the solution is to connect the watch to its charging puck, use the paired iPhone’s Watch app to “Select” a new Watch Face that doesn’t have the Activity complication — X-Large is simplest — then wait for the watch to finish its reboot loop. Once it displays the charging screen, it will be ready to use again; just stay away from the problematic complication until 24 hours have passed.

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