Lamborghini Urus Is Quite Impressive – But Is It A Real Lambo?

    Is there anything that hasn’t been said about the Lamborghini Urus? Apparently, yes – and as you’ll see, not everything is nice and dandy.

    CarBuyer was very impressed by the way Lamborghini’s ultra SUV goes. The 641 horsepower SUV is very quick and the transmission provides good upshifts, yet it can also be tamed in congested traffic.

    Space at the back is quite generous, and while the Urus comes standard with a rear bench, for an extra £2,600 ($3,383) in the UK, it can be equipped with two individual seats, with a small console between them and a ski hatch. Spend another £3,600 ($4,685) and you’ll keep those sitting at the back occupied with the rear seat entertainment system. The boot capacity doesn’t disappoint either.

    Now, there are some things that might irritate the average Urus buyer, and they’re also found in the cabin. The two screens in the center console come from the Audi A8, the key fob is also from an Audi, and there are some cheap plastics that don’t befit a car that starts from $200,000 (£153,670) in the U.S. Also, the black trim might make some feel claustrophobic, but this can be solved by choosing from a plethora of other colors and materials that are available.

    In the end, the reviewer is left wondering whether the Urus is a proper Lamborghini or just a moneymaker. Which is a very good question indeed. As for the final verdict as to whether it is worth a small fortune, that’s for you to find out by scrolling down and hitting the play button.

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